Securitisation history

Charter Court Financial Services has successfully completed 12 securitisations, consisting of both residential and buy to let loans originated by Precise Mortgages, supporting our reputation as a leading specialist lender in the UK mortgage market. All transactions are rated by two of three agencies: Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poor’s.

Investor reporting relating to CCFS’ Precise Mortgage Funding and Charter Mortgage Funding RMBS series issued prior to 2019 is available through US Bank.

Loan level data and cash-flow modelling relating to the Bank of England’s Discount Window Facility (DWF) requirements for transactions issued prior to 2019 can be found at EuroABS.

For transactions issued from 2019, Investor reporting, Loan level data and cash-flow modelling can be found at Global ABS (Moody’s).

For more information contact:

Simon Allsop, Director of Capital Markets
[email protected]