Our business model

The three pillars of our business - Charter Savings Bank, Precise Mortgages and Exact Mortgage Experts - are highly complementary. Precise Mortgages is a key growth driver for the Group. Its performance is underpinned by the strong analytics capability and mortgage servicing provided by Exact Mortgage Experts, while Charter Savings Bank provides a source of funding for the Group’s lending operation and long-term stability through the cycle. The model is further strengthened by the continued use of securitisation as a core funding and capital management tool. Charter Court closed it's first securitisation in 2013 and since then has been one of the UK's leading specialist bank issuers.

Precise Mortgages is a key growth driver for the Group

As one of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders through the intermediary market, Precise Mortgages gives borrowers choice when considering the most suitable mortgage for their needs, and provides innovative specialist products for property investors. Our distribution leadership is reinforced by quality of service, technology focused on system speed, accuracy, broker experience, rapid product development and nimble reactions to evolving market needs. All this means we are perfectly placed to grow our share and profitability as others retreat from the increasing complexity of our chosen specialist markets.

Charter Savings Bank provides funding for our lending activities

Charter Savings Bank’s large and growing retail deposit base plays a key role in the Group’s business model by diversifying its funding mix and providing long term stability through the cycle.

Exact Mortgage Experts plays a key role in risk management

Since 2008, Exact Mortgage Experts has provided credit analysis services and administered £24.1 billion of loans, giving us unrivalled insight into credit risk.