Corporate responsibility

At Charter Court, corporate responsibility is a vital part of how we do business. We are committed to integrating responsible business practices throughout our operations for the benefit of our shareholders, customers, employees and the community in which we operate.


Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to Charter Court and our customers continue to benefit from our dynamic product development aimed at providing solutions tailored to their changing needs. We served over 118,000 customers in 2017 with simple and straightforward savings products and specialist mortgage lending to those underserved by the high street banks. We complement our internal customer feedback by obtaining a Net Promoter Score to gauge customer satisfaction and hold a very high NPS of 67.


Our people are at the heart of our success and we take great pride in our strong corporate culture, high levels of employee engagement across the Group and the continued external recognition of our collective efforts.

We have a fair and inclusive recruitment policy to ensure we select the best candidates regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or age.

To ensure employees share in Charter Court’s success we regularly benchmark our employee remuneration and seek to offer attractive additional benefits including private pension, life cover, child care vouchers and medical insurance.


Providing support to our community is an important part of our overall strategy. Every year we ask our employees to nominate a local charity that they would like us to provide to support.

In 2017, we raised over £80,000 for a local charity that supports the homeless in the West Midlands and beyond. In addition to our existing charitable contributions which have totalled £213,465 since inception, Charter Court offers a ‘Good Causes’ Fund that can be used towards special charity events being undertaken by, or linked to, employees or their families.


We believe that by the nature of what we do and by our employees working in modern office environments, we have a relatively small impact on the environment.

However, we remain committed to minimising our environmental footprint through initiatives such as discouraging printing, improving recycling and investing in energy efficiency. This has resulted in reduced waste to landfill, while our total greenhouse gas emissions for 2017 were relatively low for the sector at only 423.24 tonnes.