Board responsibilities


The Board of Directors is responsible for promoting the highest standards of corporate governance across the Group. The Board ensures the long-term success of the Group, sets the values and culture of the organisation, agrees the strategic objectives and establishes a relationship with the shareholders.

The Board is collectively responsible for leading and controlling the Group and has overall authority for the management and conduct of the Group’s business, strategy and development. The Board is also responsible for ensuring the Group has an appropriate system of internal controls and risk management (including financial, operational and compliance controls) and for reviewing the effectiveness of these systems. In addition, the Board approves changes to the capital, corporate and or management structure of the Group. Ultimately, the Board is accountable to shareholders for creating and delivering sustainable value by ensuring that management not only delivers on short-term objectives but promotes the long-term growth of the Group.


The Board is committed to undertaking an annual review of its effectiveness and believes such a process can add value to the way the Board and committees operate. The effectiveness of the performance of the Chairman and the Non-Executive Directors takes place alongside the external review which will take place in 2018.

Board members are provided with ongoing training and development opportunities. Development needs are discussed during annual performance reviews with the Chairman.


The Board is committed to effective communication with our shareholders. As a newly listed company, it has commenced engagement with its key shareholders. As part of the IPO process the CEO and CFO effectively communicated the strategy and business plan to investors and will strive to continue to do so throughout the forthcoming year. Early in 2018 the Chairman wrote to the Group’s top shareholders, offering a face-to-face meeting with himself and the Company Secretary to discuss corporate governance matters.