Our strategy

Our strategy is focused on delivering sustainable, profitable growth by helping customers who are underserved by the High Street banks. Our scalable state-of-the-art automated technology and systems ensure efficient processing, strong risk control, timely reporting and speed of product development. We use our experience and knowledge of the assets we manage and have analysed to select segments of the lending markets where we believe strong returns can be achieved within our credit risk appetite. These factors have enabled strong balance sheet growth, increasing cost efficiency, profitability, and the exceptional credit quality of our mortgage assets.

We operate three specialist financial services brands - Precise Mortgages, Exact Mortgage Experts and Charter Savings Bank - that deliver value for customers, shareholders and employees.

Our goal is to provide exceptional products and services which customers value highly and that make us the first choice in our chosen markets. We strive to take the lead in capitalising on growth opportunities in specialist areas to deliver strong, sustainable risk-adjusted returns.

Ian Lonergan
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Charter Court Financial Services

Strategic priorities

Deliver sustainable profitable growth in our chosen markets

Deep expertise in our chosen markets enables us to identify significant opportunities, develop attractive products, and carefully evaluate risk. Our clear focus on specific products and segments where we can develop a competitive advantage allows us to establish ourselves as a market leader.

Conduct disciplined risk management

Disciplined risk management enables us to build a diverse and robust business capable of delivering sustainable returns.

Maintain a scalable and nimble operating platform and flexibility in funding

Diverse and nimble operating and funding platforms provide stability and flexibility in our business and allow us to react rapidly to take advantage of changing market conditions.

Remain strongly capitalised

Our strong capitalisation and prudent approach to liquidity provide a solid foundation for growth and ensure we continue to exceed regulatory capital requirements.

Foster a strong corporate culture based on our core values

Our strong corporate culture produces extremely high levels of staff satisfaction at Charter Court, meaning our customers get a great set of products coupled with great service.