Our business model

The three pillars of our business: Charter Savings Bank, Precise Mortgages and Exact Mortgage Experts (Exact) are highly complementary. We serve retail savings customers through Charter Savings Bank, mortgage customers and mortgage intermediaries through Precise Mortgages, and institutional clients through Exact Mortgage Experts.

Exact Mortgage Experts provides loan administration and collection services on over £5 billion of first and second charge UK mortgages. Since 2008, it has provided credit analytic services on over £9 billion of loans across 44 portfolios. As a result, our credit, administration and collections teams have a depth of expertise, resource and knowledge more akin to a much larger lending operation.

This knowledge and expertise allows Precise Mortgages to design products and manage risk exceptionally well for a lender of its size.

The development of Charter Savings Bank is also a natural extension of our business. A retail banking operation enables the Group to diversify its funding mix and provide long term stability through the cycle, strengthening our business model.

Exact and Precise Mortgages also offer Charter Court a degree of counter cyclical stability. Exact has performed well in recent years as widespread market and economic uncertainty has created strong demand for its credit advice and collections expertise. Conversely, Precise Mortgages is positioned to grow strongly as economic risks stabilise. Together the two businesses allow Charter Court to develop growth opportunities in a variety of future economic scenarios.